Sanctuary Program

Pet Sanctuary Program

There are so many animals in need. They come to us starving, unwanted, neglected, or when caring owners are sadly no longer able to care for them. Horses, cats, dogs, and even an occasional donkey – all in need of special help. Fortunately, they’ve come to a place where their lives can again be filled with hope and love.

Our aim is to find homes for as many of our guys as possible. But for those that we can’t find homes for, whether it be because they have special medical needs or just because they are too old, we offer permanent sanctuary.

With the help of animal advocates like you, String of Pearls Animal Sanctuaries, Inc. is trying to save and care for as many of these special cases as we can. We nurture each animal with proper veterinary care, individualized diet, shelter and loving attention. Our sanctuary animals enjoy the freedom and quality of life that every animal deserves, plenty of room to move around and the companionship of other rescued animals. It’s here they stay to live in health and peace.

Meet Our Sanctuary Animals Past and Present