About Sanctuary

String of Pearls loves it when we get to place a kitten or pup…or especially an elder animal…to a loving, “furever” home.  However, sometimes the circumstances dictate that a quiet, end-of-life scenario is what is most needed for the animal in question.  For us, that triggers the “sanctuary” side of what we do.  While this status is greatly limited due to our small size, we hold slots open each year for taking in an animal who needs support for its remaining years.  Currently, 3 horses, two dogs and numerous cats have acquired that distinction.  They are here to live out their lives in comfort, and love nothing better than a quick pat and a treat…

Unfortunately, our funding is much too limited to expand this program….and we could do so much more with YOUR financial support.  Please consider a donation to our sanctuary program….

Average cost for a year to keep an animal in sanctuary is:

CAT -LITTER – $150.00 ; FOOD – $480.00; VETERINARIAN – $150                                                                TOTAL:$780.00

DOG –  FOOD/TREATS – $650.00; VETERINARIAN -$250.00                                                                           TOTAL: $900.00

HORSE – FOOD/TREATS$ 1200.00; FARRIER – TRIM – $300.00;   VETERINARIAN – 250.00                      TOTAL: $1750.00


Your tax-deductible contribution will help our sanctuary animals live out happy, peaceful lives and dignified deaths.

Thank you!