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Pepper Chieftain This grand old man needs a true friend. Can you help?

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This 25-year-old purebred American Saddle Horse gelding is a veteran of the wars — the re-enactment wars, that is.

Pepper was a re-enactor’s horse for most of his proud life. You can see that in his eyes now that he’s had a few months at Greyhavens.

Pepper came to us from living in a cramped garage, and suffering from not enough TLC or groceries.

Now the old man has free range of our 7 acres and most often can be found sleeping on his side in the largest patch of sun he can find!

Pepper is probably well past his riding days (attempt that at your peril) but he would love to be someone’s companion horse, and would take it most kindly should one want to brush his now quite-beautiful mane and clean him up a bit. He is pleasant and friendly to work around but can be quite stubborn!

While Pepper is elderly, he has no real special needs beyond a senior feed, and a close watch on his feet and his teeth. He can get along with most, and does what he can to get along in a herd.

Contact Lee if you can help this old veteran.